5 Biggest Massapequa Snow Storms!

The town of Massapequa, located on Long Island in New York, is no stranger to snow storms. With cold winters and an average annual snowfall of 27 inches, Massapequa residents are well-prepared for the snow. However, there have been a few particularly memorable snow storms that stand out in the town’s history. Here are the five biggest snow storms in Massapequa:

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  1. The Blizzard of 1996: This massive snowstorm hit the Northeast United States in January 1996, bringing heavy snow and strong winds to Massapequa. The storm left over two feet of snow in the town, and many residents were stranded in their homes for days due to impassable roads.
  2. The Valentine’s Day Storm of 2007: This storm, which occurred on Valentine’s Day in 2007, dropped over a foot of snow on Massapequa. While the storm wasn’t as severe as the Blizzard of 1996, it still caused significant disruptions, with many schools and businesses closed due to the heavy snowfall.
  3. The Halloween Nor’easter of 2011: This Halloween-themed snowstorm brought over a foot of snow to Massapequa, causing widespread power outages and making for a very snowy trick-or-treating experience.
  4. The January 2016 Snowstorm: This storm, which hit Massapequa in January 2016, brought over a foot of snow and strong winds to the town. Many residents were without power for several days due to the heavy snowfall and high winds.
  5. The March 2018 Nor’easter: This late winter storm brought heavy snow and strong winds to Massapequa, causing widespread power outages and road closures. The storm dumped over a foot of snow on the town, making for a snowy and difficult commute for many residents.

Overall, Massapequa has seen its fair share of significant snow storms over the years. While these storms can be disruptive and even dangerous, they also provide a sense of community and bring people together as they work to shovel out their driveways and dig their cars out of the snow. For many Massapequa residents, “Snow Days”, where public schools would close due to weather are some of their fondest childhood memories.

If you remember any of the snow storms above feel free to leave a comment to share your experience!

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