Massapequa Public Libraries


The Massapequa Board of Education filed two petitions in February of 1952 asking for the creation of a library to supplement the Massapequa School District. By May of that year, a budget of $10,000 was approved, and the Board of Trustees had been appointed. 

Following a few years of construction, the Massapequa Public Library Central Avenue Building made its debut when it opened for the public on September 12th, 1956. 

Following a land donation in 1959 from Bar Harbour Shopping Centre Inc., construction began to add a second location to the Massapequa Public Library System. This new building would later become known as the Bar Harbour Library Building during a dedication ceremony held on June 13th, 1965. 

Suddenly, both the towns of Massapequa and Massapequa Park had a library!

Thank You to the voters who have been approving the Massapequa Public Library Budget year after year.

View the page of each library building for an all-inclusive overview.


Address: 40 Harbor Ln, Massapequa Park, NY 11762
Phone Number: (516) 799-0770


Address: 523 Central Ave, Massapequa, NY 11758
Phone Number:  (516) 798-4607

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