Jerry Seinfeld

Who Is Jerry Seinfeld?

Jerry Seinfeld is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director. Jerry Seinfeld is best known for his role in the television series  “Seinfeld”, where he plays a semi-fictional version of himself in addition to producing the show. 

Seinfeld aired on NBC from 1989 until 1998, where it solidified a position as one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. Reruns of  “Seinfeld” episodes are consistently shown on television to this day on various networks. 

Jerry Seinfeld was born in Brooklyn before moving to Massapequa in his childhood. He was raised in Massapequa and would go on to Graduate from Massapequa High School.

Jerry Seinfeld Tour Information

Jerry Seinfeld started training to be a comedian at the young age of 8 years old. He made his official standup debut in 1976 before making his first national appearance on The Tonight Show in 1981.  Seinfeld was able to use this opportunity to become one of the most high-profile comedians in the United States by the late 1980s. 

Today, Jerry Seinfeld is constantly going on tour to do stand up comedy shows. He mostly tours in the United States having periodic shows spread across the country. He has also done several tours as well. Most of his shows are titled under a self-named act as just “Jerry Seinfeld”.

Where Can I get Jerry Seinfeld Tickets?

After a brief break, mostly during the run of his hit show “Seinfeld”, Jerry Returned to doing live standup comedy in the late 1990s. Some of his shows were recorded as video specials including Comedian (2002) and Jerry Before Seinfeld (2017). 

Many Seinfeld fans have added seeing him live to their “bucket list”. Because of his widespread popularity, Seinfeld usually sells out of all his shows, especially in the New York area. 

Your best chance to see Jerry Seinfeld perform is to check his website for tickets as well as announcements about upcoming standup shows, tours, and television appearances. 

Jerry Seinfeld’s Impressive Car Collection

A well-known characteristic of Jerry Seinfeld is that he is a car enthusiast. In fact, his expansive car collection includes over 100 cars! 

It seems as if Seinfeld has an affinity for Porsches, as it has been reported that a significant portion of his overall collection is made up of them. In 2002 he purchased a property in Manhattan’s Upper West Side where he would build a $1.4 million garage to store some of his Porsche collection on the East Coast.

Although there is no definitive number on the number of Porches that Seinfeld owns, one metric has reported that he owns 43! A report was written by Paul Bannister also states that Seinfeld Porsche’s collection is made up of Porsche 911s from various years, 10 Porsche Boxsters painted in different colors, and a 1955 Porsche Spyder. Yes, the same model and color that actor James Dean was driving when he crashed and lost his life.  

In addition, in 2007 the television show “Chasing Classic Cars” pointed out that Seinfeld owns both the first and last Porsche 911s ever produced. A standout in Seinfeld’s collection is a $700,000 Porsche 959, which is one of 337 ever produced.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Net Worth

Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated at around $950 million. Although this number has not been confirmed by Seinfeld himself, it is a pretty safe estimate. If it is accurate, this would make Seinfeld the richest comedian in the world. 

Forbes reported in 2004 that Jerry Seinfeld’s earnings from the television series “Seinfeld” alone were $267 million. He turned down to continue the show for another season even though he was offered $5 million per episode for a 22 episode season. 

Because of his standup career and several advertising deals over time, Seinfeld’s 2020 net worth of $950 seems accurate. He earned approximately $60 million from standup shows alone in 2006. 

Advertisements have been another significant source of income for Jerry Seinfeld. It has been reported that he made $10 million for appearing in advertisements for Microsoft in 2008. Forbes reported his annual income in 2013 as 32 million.  

Seinfeld made the Forbes list of highest-paid comedians in 2015, 2016, and 2017, with an average annual income of about $69 million during those years. 

It should be noted however that Seinfeld has disputed the various estimates of his net worth on the Howard Stern Sirius XM Radio Show during a 2013 appearance. 

Jerry Seinfeld’s House

Jerry Seinfeld still resides in his house in East Hampton, NY that he purchased from Billy Joel in 2000. Although Seinfeld originally purchased the property for $32 million, it is estimated to be worth much more today. The house sits on a 12-acre property and includes a pool in the backyard. 

Although he owns multiple pieces of property, the East Hampton home is most regarded as his house where he spends most of his time. 

Some standout features of the property include an inground pool is his $17,000 Elektra Espresso Machine, which reflects Seinfeld’s enthusiasm for coffee. 

Jerry Seinfeld’s Wife

Seinfeld met his now-wife Jessica Sklar in August 1998 at the Reebok Sports Club after she was returning from an extended honeymoon with then-husband  Eric Nederlander. Jessica Sklar was a public relations expert for Tommy Hilfinger at the time and divorced Eric Nederlander shortly after the honeymoon and began dating Jerry Seinfeld. 

After dating for about a year, Jerry Seinfeld married Jessica Sklar in 1999. Fellow comedian George Wallace was the best man at the wedding. After marrying, the Seinfelds’ purchased Billy Joel’s Long Island house in Amagansett for $32 million. They are still married to this day with three kids, one daughter, and two sons.

Jerry Seinfeld Age

Jerry Seinfeld’s current age is 66 years old. He was born on April 29, 1954. He is older than the median age of the American population which sits at 38.2 years(2018). Being born in the year 1954 means that he is a part of the Baby Boomer Generation. The birth date of April 29th signifies that Seinfeld’s Zodiac Sign is Taurus.

Jerry Seinfeld Height

Jerry Seinfeld is 5′ 11″ tall. The average height of males in the United States is  5 feet 9 inches according to research done by the National Center for Health Statistics. This makes Jerry Seinfeld slightly taller than the average person.  

Jerry Seinfeld’s Kids

Jerry Seinfeld has three kids consisting of one daughter and two sons. His oldest child is his daughter named Sascha Seinfeld, who was born on  November 7, 2000. His two sons are named Julian Kal Seinfeld and  Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld. Julian was born on  March 1, 2003, and Shepard was born in 2005 on an undisclosed day. Jerry Seinfeld’s kids were raised in New York.  

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