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coronavirus massapequa

Coronavirus Massapequa, is it here yet?

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has made an impact on several businesses, schools, and public events across the world and has now made an impact in the United States. In March 2020, there are now confirmed cases in local areas such as Nassau County.

Officials are currently observing a 42 year old Uniondale man and three women who have symptoms that align with those of the Coronavirus.

UPDATE: As of March 9th 2020, two more people have tested positive for the Coronavirus on Long Island. This brings the total Coronavirus cases on Long Island to 6.

Are there cases of Coronavirus in Massapequa?

Coronavirus in Massapequa is not confirmed yet. However, officials say to be prepared as cases continue to spread throughout Long Island. 

To prepare for when the disease impacts our community, read these tips from the World Health Organization

coronavirus massapequa

March 15th 2020 Daily Update: No confirmed Coronavirus cases in Massapequa or Massapequa Park

Massapequa School District Coronavirus Policy

The Coronavirus has caused several universities to cancel classes or temporarily switch to online class formats due to the high volume of students constantly entering and leaving the campus. 

Although several other districts have cancelled classes for Tuesday March 10, Massapequa School District has stated standard procedures will continue as usual until further notice.

A letter was sent home to families by the Lucille Iconis, the superintendent of the district, reinforcing that the Health Commissioner stated that there is no need to change any activities.

Follow along here for updates on the Massapequa School District Coronavirus policy.

March 10th, 2020 Daily Update: Massapequa School District procedures will continue as usual. However, Nassau Community College has closed until Friday March 13th, 2020. In addition, several School districts on Long Island have closed including Plainview, Glen Cove, and Oyster Bay.

March 11th, 2020 Daily Update: Jericho is considering closing the school district later this week. Massapequa School District has still not made an announcement about a change in procedures.

March 12th, 2020 Daily Update: More and more school districts in Nassau County are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation as more organizations have suspended procedures across the nation. As of 8:44 PM on March 12th, Massapequa School District will continue to follow regular procedures.

March 13th, 2020 Daily Update: Massapequa School District has released a letter informing the community that beginning today at 4PM all events are CANCELLED involving

  • All events and activities with community visitors
  • All community use of district facilities
  • All off campus field trips

All school grounds will close at 6PM until further notice.

Please be advised there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Massapequa School District and the following procedures will continue until further notice:
• Extra help, support classes, clubs, interscholastic sports (Exception-MS WII season)
• Committees on Special Education and Section 504
• Driver’s Education
• MHS-BOCES Twilight Program
• YMCA Child Care

March 14th, 2020 Daily Update: The village of Massapequa Park has suspended its “Mommy and Me” program as well as closed the Brady Park Senior Center until further notice.

BREAKING NEWS MARCH 14th, 2020: Sources have stated Massapequa School District is discussing suspending procedures on Monday March 16th and Tuesday March 17th as a precaution to contain the spread of Coronavirus in Massapequa. Check back for more information as it is made official.

March 15th, 2020 Daily Update: Massapequa School District has confirmed it will be closed on Monday March 16th and Tuesday March 17th as a precaution to contain the spread of Coronavirus in Massapequa.

BREAKING NEWS March 15th, 2020: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that NYC schools will be closed until April 20th, 2020 and possibly for the rest of the year. Nassau and Suffolk County schools will be closed for at least the next two weeks.

March 16th, 2020 Daily Update: Massapequa bars, restaurants, and gyms will be closed beginning at 8PM as part of a state wide effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Take out and delivery will still be offered by your favorite local Massapequa restaurants.

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