Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett is an American actor and singer who was born and raised in Massapequa Park. Bennett has appeared in a variety of television shows and movies in his acting career. He attended grade school in the Massapequa School District and was a member of the Massapequa High School class of 2008.

You will most likely recognize him from his most notable piece of work, which is his role as Robbie Shapiro on the Nickelodeon television Victorious.

Matt Bennett Movies and TV Shows

Matt Bennett has appeared in several movies and TV shows over the course of his acting career, which began in 2009. He made his professional acting debut in the 2009 TV movie “Totally for Teens” where he played the role of Jamie. The pilot of the TV movie “Totally for Teens” did not do well, which led Matt Bennett to his next opportunity later that year. 

Matt Bennett would get his next acting show in the Comedy Central show Michael and Michael Have Issues, where he played the character of Greg the Intern. This is the show that propelled Bennett’s acting career and led him to get the opportunity of working on hit show Victorious. 

Because of his time on the Victorious Cast with co-star Ariana Grande, Matt Bennet was given the opportunity to appear in two of Ariana Grande’s titled “One Last Time” and “Thank U, Next”. He has also appeared in a music video “Lowlife” by Poppy. 

All Matt Bennett Movies

Although he is mostly known for his television roles, Matt Bennett has appeared in a total of 6 movies in his career thus far. Notable movies he has appeared in include Bridesmaids in 2011 and The Stanford Prison Experiment in 2015.

Find Matt Bennett’s Film Discography below:
Movie Name | Role 

  • The Virginity Hit | Matt
  • Text Me | Noah
  • Bridesmaids | Helen’s Stepson
  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl | Scott Mayhew
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment |  Kyler Parker
  • Manson Family Vacation | Buddy Holly 

All Matt Bennett TV Shows

Matt Bennett is more recognized for his work in television rather than films, with his most notable role as “Robbie Shapiro” on the Victorious Cast, where he appeared in 57 episodes. Robbie Shapiro was such a popular character that he appeared in crossover episodes for other Nickelodeon shows such as iCarly and Sam & Cat. 

Find Matt Bennett’s Television Filmography Below: 

Show Name | Role 

  • Totally for Teens | Jamie
  • Michael & Michael Have Issues | Greg the Intern 
  • Victorious | Robbie Shapiro
  • Figure it Out | Panelist 
  • iCarly | Gibby (alternate universe) | Robbie Shapiro 
  • Sam & Cat | Robbie Shapiro 
  • The Big Bang Theory | Josh Wolowitz 
  • Shameless | Wiley 
  • Game Shakers | Himself (Matt Bennett)
  • Fresh Off the Boat | Corey 
  • Grey’s Anatomy | Steve 
  • American Vandal | Gavin  Landers 

Robbie Shapiro

Robbie Shapiro is the most popular role Matt Bennett has played. He is one of the main characters on the show Victorious, appearing in 57 episodes across all four seasons of the show.  

Robbie Shapiro is a master ventriloquist who owns a puppet named Rex, who doubles as his best friend. Robbie Shapiro is a shy and awkward character who acts a little weird at times. However, he is also quite smart and his values of loyalty, and honesty, are displayed throughout the course of the show. 

Robbie Shapiro is such a well known and beloved character that actor Matt Bennett is often referred to as “Robbie from Victorious”. 

Rex Victorious Voice

Rex is the puppet friend of Robbie Shapiro, and many people wonder if he is voiced by Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett) himself. To many fans’ surprise, Rex gets his voice from voice actor Jake Farrow, who remains uncredited to give the illusion that Rex is actually voiced by character Robbie.

Victorious Robbie and Rex’s Friendship

Robbie Shapiro believes his puppet Rex a separate person altogether, who is also his best friend. Robbie Shapiro uses Rex to bring out his alter ego throughout the show to hit on girls and counter the shy personality of his puppeteer Robbie. 

Despite the frequent arguments they get into, Robbie always carries Rex around with him and was deeply hurt when Rex dies in the show, which revealed just how much Robbie cared for him.

Victorious Cast Reunion 2020

The Victorious Cast held a virtual reunion on Zoom to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show’s premiere. Victoria Justice, one of the Victorious stars made a comment to fans early in the reunion stating “We love you guys. Thank you so much for supporting our show after all these years. Ten years, it’s absolutely insane. We hope you guys are staying home and staying safe and staying healthy”.

The second half of her comments were referring to the COVID-19 pandemic which was ongoing at the time the Victorious Cast 2020 Reunion.

Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett

Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett developed a friendship from their time on Victorious Cast together, which led to many people asking “Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett Dating?”

The fuel to these rumors began when Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett were pictured together in public multiple times in 2015. 

Despite the rumors, it seems as if an Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett relationship was just a hopeful wish from fans of Victorious. Despite many allegations, it doesn’t seem like Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett ever had a serious romantic relationship. 

However, although they never dated, Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett have worked together on a couple of music videos.  You can see Bennett in Ariana Grande’s 2015 music video “One Last Time” in which he plays her lover. The Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett music video “One Last Time” has 315,729,469 views. You can also find Victorious Robbie in Grande’s 2018 “Thank U, Next” music video, which has over 502, 240, 810, views on Youtube.

Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies engaged?

It seems there is a rumor involving Matt Bennett being in a relationship with at least every other member of the Victorious Cast. In addition to the rumors surrounding Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett, it has long been rumored that Matt Bennett and co-star Liz Gillies were dating at one point during the filming of Victorious

Like the Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett dating rumors, it seems as if Bennett and Gillies were simply close friends. Although a slew of Instagram photos in 2014 had fans convinced they were a couple, and even possibly engaged!

However, it has been confirmed that Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies are not currently a couple and therefore not engaged at the moment. 

Matt Bennett 2016 Album

Many people are unaware that Matt Bennett actually released a full-length studio album titled Terminal Cases in 2016. The Matt Bennett 2016 album was released exclusively as a digital download under Fanatic Records. 

In addition to the Matt Bennett 2016 Album Terminal Cases, he has also released two other EP’s. He released Warm Fuzzies in 2012 and Previously on Matt Bennett in 2017 as his latest collection of music. 

Matt Bennett Now

Matt Bennett continues to pursue his passion for Music and puts out pieces of music regularly on his Instagram Page. Based on the number of music snippets that he puts on his page, it is safe to assume that he is working on another music project that he will be releasing sometime in the future. 

You may be surprised to hear that he has not done any acting since his 2018 appearances in Grey’s Anatomy, American Vandal, and the “Thank U, Next” music video. Because he is still so young, it is quite possible that we will see him in another movie or television show down the road. 

Matt Bennett Age

Matt Bennet is currently 28 years old and was born on November 13, 1991. This makes Matt Bennett a member of the millennial generation and means his zodiac sign is a Scorpio.

Matt Bennett Height

Matt Bennett is 5’10” tall.  Because the average height of a United States male is  5 feet 9 inches according to research done by the National Center for Health Statistics, this makes Matt Bennett about an inch taller than the average person.  

Frequently Asked Matt Bennett Questions:

How old is Matt Bennett?

Matt Bennett is currently 28 years old. He was born on November 13, 1991. 

Is Matt Bennett Gay?

Despite rumors, Matt Benett has not publicly declared himself as being gay. These rumors likely started after the actor appeared in a promotion video titled “Matt Bennett is Straight But Not Narrow” in which he promotes the equal treatment of gay people, emphasizing not to discriminate against people based on someone’s sexual preferences. 

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