When you bought your house in Massapequa, did you agree to..

rent your electricity?

If you answered no, you may want to consider saving money in the way you pay to power your home.

Ever see those weird panels on your neighbors roof that look like they are trying to build a satellite?

Those are actually generating energy for the home. And more importantly.. saving the homeowner money .

Every time we take a drive through town, we can’t help but notice at least another home or 2 that is converting to solar.

It seems like homeowners are taking a stand with PSEG and taking their energy consumption rates into their own hands.

Solar isn’t for everyone, though.

If you like:

  • Paying more for electricity.
  • Not controlling your energy rates.
  • Not using the Solar Tax Incentives to save even more money.
  • Doing more harm than needed to the environment.

    .. you probably wouldn’t like Solar Energy all that much.

If you are in the Massapequa area and DO want to enjoy the benefits of a Solar powered home, NY Solar Consulting may be able to help, if you qualify.

They are also willing to offer you the lowest price guarantee on a Solar Install through some of their top vendors, which is sweet.

Not only that – NY Solar Consulting is willing to offer Massapequa Residents an even BIGGER incentive to join the solar revolution using coupon code “SUN“.

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