Massapequa Library Bar Harbour

Massapequa Library Bar Harbour Building Overview

One location of the Massapequa Library is the Bar Harbour Building. Fittingly, this location is located along Harbor Road in Massapequa Park. It is located across the street from Southgate living community, which is a community that features private tennis courts that can be seen from Merrick Road.

The Massapequa Library Bar Harbour Building features a long, zig-zagged ramp that leads to the front entrance. As a kid, the best part of the trip to this Massapequa Library was always running up the ramp into the library to see which new book or movie to rent.

To most people's surprise, the Massapequa Library Bar Harbour Location actually has 4 floors, not 3. Upon entering from the main entrance facing Harbor Road, you are already on the 3rd floor of the building. In recent years the Bar Harbour building was renovated and a new entrance was added in the parking lot, which enters directly into the 2nd floor.

The Bar Harbour Massapequa Library Building Floor by Floor Guide

First Floor

Many people are not aware of the seemingly hidden first floor of the Massapequa Library that contains a conference room, as well as another bathroom. Other than that, there isn't much on the first floor.

Second Floor

You will likely find more value on the second floor of the Massapequa Library Bar Harbour building than on the first. When entering the Bar Harbor building from the parking lot, you will be greeted by a section of books labeled as must-reads for the Massapequa Community.

In the same area of the 2nd floor, you can find a selection of “Oversized Coffee Table Books” that cover a variety of topics ranging from cooking, travel, and pop culture. Other books on this floor include biographies and some fiction novels.

The second floor is also where you will find a quiet study room. This room is fantastic as it allows you to block out noise from any tutoring sessions that may be going on.

Although the quiet study room is nice and quiet, it tends to fill up along with the rest of the library during peak times such as midterm and final exam weeks. Be sure to get there early to secure a seat.

Third Floor

The third floor Massapequa Library Bar Harbour is another one of the main sections of the library and is another entrance location. When entering from Harbor Road you will see another checkout/ help desk in front of you. In the area to the left is a section of kid's books and other resources tailored to children.

The area to the right of the service desk is an area with tables that acts a common place in the library for children to meet with tutors. Behind this area is another bathroom location as well.

The third floor is also where you will find the Massapequa Library Bar Harbor Media Room. On the wall outside you will find both new audiobooks and staff recommended audiobooks that are available to rent.

Inside the media room is a large selection of DVDs that can be rented as well. They are sorted by movie titles and wrap around the perimeter of the room and throughout the couple isles located within.

There is also a growing section of Blu-Ray discs in the Bar Harbor Media Room that remains underappreciated. Many new films are available on Blu-Ray, however, some are available on DVD as well.

With many people now electing to pay for streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, the simplicity of going to the library to rent a new movie often goes overlooked. However, thanks to the Massapequa Library keeping their catalog fresh and up to date, it is certainly a valid option.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor of this Massapequa Library has a bit of everything. There are several tables and booths that make for either individual or group study areas. You will often find students of the Massapequa School District working on group assignments in this area.

For groups, this is the ideal place to work. However, it tends to get a little bit noisy for individual studying.

Overall, the Massapequa Library Bar Harbour Building makes a great place to meet with tutors or get in some silent study time in the quiet room. The vast selection of books and updated media room provide enough value to keep the Massapequa Community coming back in regularly.

Bar Harbour Massapequa Library Building Hours

  • Monday | 9AM - 9PM
  • Tuesday | 9AM - 9PM
  • Wednesday | 9AM - 9PM
  • Thursday |  9AM - 9PM
  • Friday | 9AM - 6PM
  • Saturday | 9AM - 5PM
  • Sunday | 12PM- 4PM

Important Notes

  • Massapequa Library opens at 11 AM on the first Thursday of each month for staff development and training
  • Massapequa library is closed on Sundays in the summer months. This begins with Father's Day and ends the Sunday after Labor Day.

Massapequa Library Holidays

The Massapequa Bar Harbor Library is closed on the following Holidays Yearly: 

  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday and Monday)
  • Father’s Day 
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day 
  • Columbus Day 
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Eve (5PM Closing)
  • Christmas Eve 
  • Christmas Day 
  • New Years Eve (5PM Closing) 
  • New Years Day

Contact The Bar Harbour Library Massapequa

Phone Number: (516) 799-0770


Massapequa Library Bar Harbour Building Address

40 Harbor Ln, Massapequa Park, NY 11762

Bar Harbour Massapequa Library Main Entrance

massapequa library bar harbour

Local Directions to the Massapequa Library Bar Harbour Building

Directions From Southern State Parkway (Heading East)

  • Take  the Southern State Parkway eastbound to the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway (Route 135) 
  • Take Route 135 to the last exit (Merrick Road East) 
  • Continue on Merrick Road East for about 2 miles 
  • Make a Right onto Harbor Lane and continue until Massapequa LIbrary is on your right. 

Directions From Sunrise Highway (Heading East) 

  • From Route 135, continue east on Sunrise Highway for about 2 miles until you approach Park Boulevard 
  • Make a right turn onto Park Boulevard
  • Continue South on Park Boulevard and cross over Merrick Road
  • Continue  straight onto Harbor Lane and the Massapequa Library will be on your right

Frequently Asked Questions About This Massapequa Library Building

What time does the Massapequa library Bar Harbour Building close?

The Massapequa Library closes at 9PM Monday- Thursday. It closes at 6PM on Friday, 5PM on Saturday, and 4PM on Sundays. Please note the Massapequa Library is closed on Sundays over the summer.

Is There A Massapequa Park Public Library?

Although there is no designed Massapequa Park Public library, the Bar Harbour building of Massapequa library is located within Massapequa Park.

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